Anish Rajani

Currently working for Eco Foundry who specialise in the design, branding, installation, and maintenance of living walls, Anish has worked alongside the two co-founders to accelerate the green revolution.

Specialising in sustainability and marketing, Anish has helped develop EcoFoundry alongside the two Co-Founders, Beccy Dickson and Macey Mitchell.

Anish graduated from the University of Nottingham with a BA in Geography with Business (Hons). Both Geography and Business aspects of his degree proves his versatility, where his extended knowledge of The Oxford Offsetting Principles, The Greenhouse Gas Protocol and The Higher and Further Education Carbon Coalition have helped develop solutions for EcoFoundry that mitigate the impacts of climate change and reduce natural resource usage, and helped revolutionise the events industry.

Having worked at larger institutions, including PwC and Barclays, he appreciates working for companies of any size. Anish is an effective communicator and has a natural ability to build relationships at all levels, evidenced through both his team, and leadership-based experience. His hard working mentality is emphasised through the only student receiving The Old Challoner’s Association Prize for Commitment to Learning.”