Beccy Dickson

Beccy Dickson is co-founder and MD of Concept Foundry and Eco Foundry.

Selected as one of 100 women to be listed as #ialso100 2023 f:Entrepreneur campaign.

With Eco Foundry being listed as one of the #smallbiz100 of 2022.

2022 also saw Beccy, named winner of the C-Suite Award and runner up of The Sustainability Award, for her most recent efforts in building Eco Foundry.

A self confessed Eco-Warior and Tree Hugger, Beccy believes the planet and sustainability should be at the forefront of everyones business.

Designed to accelerate the green revolution, Eco Foundry specialises in the design, branding, installation, and maintenance of living walls.

With over 12 years of experience in business, Beccy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the panel. As a confident and determined leader, Beccy is a keen innovator, focusing on accuracy, sustainability and supporting diversity within business.

She has managed finances for 20+ years and has been responsible for managing resources, ring-fencing and delivering project milestones, across both her businesses.

More recently, Beccy has developed her experience as an eco-innovator, specialising in green infrastructure, developing solutions that mitigate the impacts of climate change and reduce natural resource usage.

Beccy is currently working on a hugely exciting project to mitrigate the waste from her printing agency Concept Foundry and to promote a circular economy.

It is her mission to highlight the need for faster change in regards to saving the planet, whilst also raising money for charities most in need to save nature and and stop climate distruption.