A welcome from Richard Alvin, CEO of the Business Champion Awards

Over the past 25 years we’ve captured thousands of business successes, losses and turnarounds within the media, most recently in our nationwide magazine and online news centre, Business Matters.

There’s an absolute wealth of talent across all of the nations in Britain. Every week my team and I hear inspirational stories from business owners breaking the mould and disrupting a marketplace to turning around a family business that everyone thought was dead in the water and creating a company brimming with a vibrant company culture. Daily challenges can make business tough, so the highs need to be recognised and celebrated to ensure that inspirational drive to innovate is topped up to get through the rollercoaster of the lows.

We’re launching the Business Champion Awards because we’ve found it ridiculously hypocritical to reward innovation in business within a system that hasn’t been innovated in itself for years. It’s time this industry was disrupted.

Awards are about celebrating so it’s our belief that the process should not be stressful. You’ve got enough to be getting on with.

We’re turning the systems on their head by making the whole application process more accessible than ever before. Apply online, supplement it with a short video made from your phone or tablet and find out how you can win extra points towards your overall score throughout the year.

So if you think it’s time you shone a spotlight on what you and your team have been working hard to achieve, or you wish to nominate someone who deserves the recognition of a nationwide pat on the back, then it’s easier than ever before.

In taking the process online we’ve also become carbon neutral so we’re really pleased with that too.

Find out more and get applying. We’ll be looking forward to meeting you at the regional events ahead of the black tie gala in Canary Wharf.