The Awards

It’s time to celebrate the Champions of British Business

Life running a business has its highs and its lows. Sometimes expected, sometimes unpredictable wouldn’t it be nice if you could bank on having a firm positive within the business year?

The Business Champion Awards are designed to herald and celebrate the best of British business across the expanse of the country.

It’s time to celebrate the people that always go the extra mile, the inspirational leaders who find ways to adapt and lead their business beyond survival to a time of prosperity for all their employees, it’s time to reward the tenacity of young, keen, hungry few who prove themselves to be Britain’s youngest entrepreneurs and shine a spotlight on the the company culture vultures who’ve made the office a lighter and brighter place … Our list goes on, right up to twelve awards, each championing British business.

Every category will provide three opportunities for your company to receive the recognition it deserves: Gold • Silver • Bronze 

It’s time for change

Wave goodbye to the time consuming awards of the past and say a serious hello to the awards of the future. It’s time to shake up the status quo – we know you need to focus on work and turning a profit so we’re focusing on being digital and carbon neutral.

Fill in your application today! 

Throughout the process we’ll send you hints and tips to help you maximise your chances of not only becoming one of our 140 finalists but to be one of our 30 winners

We’re not just celebrating champions, we’re introducing you to each other

We all know that the magic happens when two or more companies come together to take a project to the next level.

It’s time to get empowered. It’s time to collaborate and find out who else is working just like you across the country. Who knows you could end up partnering with some amazing British brands and see your business rocket to new heights.

There are so many people working tirelessly in businesses across the UK. Let’s give these champions the recognition they deserve…