It’s time to share your inspiration be rewarded for it, but be quick, time is running out to enter the Business Champion Awards 2022.

Time is running out to enter the Business Champion Awards 2023

It’s time to share your inspiration be rewarded for it, but be quick, time is running out to enter the Business Champion Awards 2023. No business is without its stories and awards processes are a brilliant way to share them and inspire others.

Trust us, we’ve been sharing stories for years at Business Matters. We are the largest business magazine serving SMEs in the UK so we know that whilst your everyday business and journey may sound ordinary to you, your experience and mindset could be truly inspirational to someone else.

We’ve all had to juggle cash flow, we’ve all learnt lessons from mistakes and had to rally during the tougher times. Each one of these moments of realisation and triumph over adversity, however seemingly small, each of these stories shapes you into the entrepreneur you are today, and we want to hear and more importantly, share your story.

Maybe it’s why you started your company, perhaps it’s how you started it.

Looking more long-term, tell us how you’ve grown, adapted and scaled your business to be what it is today. Read through the categories for the awards and think of what you’ve survived and what you’ve accomplished. The challenges you didn’t expect and the extra wins that have surprised you along the way.

Not only will the awards help to refine how you talk candidly about your business, but they will also open up a world of opportunities for future marketing within the awards process itself, and afterwards too, with ongoing PR opportunities.

Network your way to new business opportunities and collaborations at the glamorous black-tie evening do on March 22nd in the auspicious and beautiful East Wintergarden at London’s Canary Wharf.

Being in business can be a rollercoaster of a journey at times, make the Business Champion Awards part of your annual highlight. Applications are simple and streamlined.

Closing date is: December 15th 2022. Find out more and get applying. Well be looking forward to meeting you at the regional events ahead of the black-tie gala in Canary Wharf on March 22nd.

Awards categories are as follows:

Entrepreneur of the Year

Whether you’re putting yourself forward or nominating someone who you feel deserves this title, seeking, recognising opportunities and deliberating risks and maximising potential for growth, training and leadership all come into consideration for this award.

The ScoreApp SME of the Year

If your business has been running for a while, offering a high level of product or service, and it’s managed to overcome the challenges and ride high on the successes that have breathed new life into it, then your business could be deserving of this award.

New Business of the Year

If your business has burst onto the scene within the last 3 years to receive great success and respect from your clients or consumers to the point where you’ve scaled it to become even more than you initially hoped, then this is the award for you.

Exporter of the Year

There’s a vast amount of logistics involved in any business, however, mention exporting as part of your business plan and whether you’re exporting to one specific destination or multiple, the amount of logistics trebles, if not more.

The Growth Business of the Year

If you’re obsessed with numbers, spreadsheets and bottom lines and you’ve seen a tangible rise in these coinciding with an expansion to your product offering or service then this award is for you.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

You’ve always felt like you wanted to achieve something a little different compared to your classmates. Perhaps you’ve grown up only ever wanting to achieve what you’ve achieved. Either way, other people wish that you could bottle up your drive and commitment and sell that so that they can have your ingenuity and success.

The Business Transformation award

Have you just saved your business from floundering to seeing bottom lines rising over the past three years? Perhaps you’ve adopted a family business that needed to change with the times or bought a business that needed a serious overhaul.

The Sustainable Business award

Are you passionate about being planet-friendly? Have you reconsidered every angle of your internal and customer facing processes to become fully sustainable and lower your environmental impact?

The Diversity and Inclusion award

Being aware enough of the ongoing issues in society is one thing, putting plans in place to ensure diversity and inclusivity in the work place is no mean feat. If you and your business have accomplished this, that needs to be celebrated.

Find out about these and our other awards on our Awards page.