Rob Boll

Rob is a forward-thinking CIMA qualified Management Accountant and Founder of Evoke Management and CEO International Leaders UK.

He has both founded and taken over existing businesses, as well as invested in a number of start-up companies.

Rob’s passion is to help SMEs and entrepreneurs to move their business forward by providing flexible access to excellent strategic advice and guidance.

He has worked with a range of SME companies helping them overcome challenges and enhance business performance to take them to the next level.

At Evoke Management, Rob has grown a team of experienced portfolio Finance and Commercial directors who work on a part-time basis with companies to add value to the senior team by plugging a knowledge or skills gap. Rob has a hands-on approach to keeping involved and remains engaged with all the Evoke clients that his team supports.

Rob also brings like minded business owners and founders together through his business International Leaders UK, where they learn from each other, as well as a community of trusted advisors and experts.

In 2022, Rob started the Move Your Business Forward Podcast with a focus on sharing business insights and entrepreneurs’ stories to help inspire, encourage and educate others on moving their business forward.

When he’s not working, Rob loves spending time with his family, and can often be found near or on water – he’s a passionate Yachtmaster, partial to both sailing and motorboats.