Whiskey & Wealth Club


Whiskey & Wealth Club offers private clients the opportunity to own casks of Irish, American and Scotch whisk(e)y.

Cask whiskey ownership was once something of an industry secret.

Though distillers would regularly sell a few casks of each batch of New Make Spirit to cover their costs as the spirit matured, purchase was largely limited to wholesalers and industry insiders.

Whiskey & Wealth Club has changed that.

Whiskey & Wealth Club purchases premium cask whiskey at scale and offers them to clients, providing insurance and secure storage in bonded warehouses for the terms of clients’ ownership with a number of exit strategies available.

Whiskey & Wealth Club is committed to raising the standards for regulation across the cask whiskey industry.

It was one of the first to register with HMRC through WOWGR and the first cask whiskey investment company in Britain to be approved and regulated with the FCA.

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