The Warrior Academy


Founded by best-selling author Sebastian Bates, The Warrior Academy is a global martial arts organisation that has built the confidence, conduct and concentration of more than 25,000 children across two continents, using its one-of-a-kind ‘Warrior Method’ character development model.

Operating across two full-time academies and 80+ clubs and schools in the UK and Dubai, it is now the UAE’s largest martial arts organisation, with almost 1,000 students attending classes every week.

With eight more academies due to open across the Gulf by 2025, the Warrior Academy is an exceptional example of a unique business grown in the UK and exported to change the lives of children internationally.

Alongside an exciting growth and export strategy, the Warrior Academy has already had an impact on more than 150,000 lives through its own philanthropic approach, and plans to open a Scholarship Academy in every continent in the next three years.

2023 Finalists