ScenePro Digital Forensics


The Business Innovation of the Year Award

ScenePro Digital Forensics, a Hessle-based company, was launched in 2013. It designs and manufactures innovative forensic digital instrumentation, positively advancing the field of serious injury and fatal road collision investigation with national and international impact, capturing highly accurate, previously unobtainable data.

The inability of existing technology to accurately capture available data often left victims of collisions and their families failing to achieve the justice and financial support they were entitled to receive – ScenePro has addressed this gap.

Following joint evaluation by the UK Science Regulator and National Police Chiefs’ Council, ScenePro Ltd is now actively engaged with all UK police forces.

As a result of this unique innovative product and subsequent acceptance of the technology into investigative practices, ScenePro has now transitioned from a small R&D company to sole supplier of this type of instrumentation to UK Police as well as supplying commercial domestic and international markets.

2022 Finalists