Pocket Receptionist (SwitchboardFREE Ltd)


The Business Innovation of the Year Award

Pocket Receptionist is the UK’s leading, award-winning, Live Call-Answering Service and was founded nearly 6 years ago in April 2016.

Starting with just a small team of 4 agents, PR has continued to adapt and progress with outstanding technological innovation to now provide over 500 businesses across the UK with a wide variety of telecommunication support.

Even from the very beginning, Pocket Receptionist has never outsourced any developments or production of their own products or services as everything is built in-house by their experienced Technical team.

The concept of Pocket Receptionist revolves around an entire receptionist team that you can fit in your pocket – meaning that the service is app-based and incredibly easy to use.

Customers can feedback in real-time after each individual call, and the overall consensus from Reviews.io is a 4.92* rating with 98% of customers recommending the service to a close friend or business associate.

2022 Finalists