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All our E-books are fully illustrated, knowledgeable non-fictional A to Z guides.

For the whole family to enjoy. To help you see content we give 10% free downloads with every E-book. “Evolution of Civilization” is my ideal for all ages from 10 years old up-wards.

This is a pictorial guide has over 17,000 images, starting in the ice age to 17th C. Clothes started with animal fur/skins improvements in making clothes and use of natural plant fibre to lining and cotton, with many improvements in weaving methods along the way, all over the world.

Our free sample 51-page introduction helps to educate us all humankind to overcome every-day today problems. This E-book is my answer to declining book Authoring & Publishing my own series of knowledge-based E-books with worldwide appeal.

For all age groups. Languages of Images, Knowledge & Peaceful Interests.

2023 Finalists