Make An Entrance


Make An Entrance is a family-run business based in Lincolnshire.

It manufactures made-to-measure door mats of every type and retails them to homes and businesses UK-wide.

Founded from charitable roots and operating online since 2005. Originally a sales and marketing eCommerce company using 3rd party suppliers, in recent years Make

An Entrance has transformed itself and bucked the trend of UK manufacturing decline, to bring production in-house.

Husband and wife team, Stuart and Samantha Burlton created the business, following in the footsteps of Stuart’s father Allen, who in the 1990s, managed a Royal School for the Blind factory, where visually impaired people were employed making handmade mats.

The Burlton’s have prevented this traditional skill from dying out and are now training a new generation of mat makers. A 21st-century business using techniques handed down over generations to create exceptional quality doormats in the UK once more.

2023 Finalists