John Roussot: Founder, FiiT4GROWTH


FiiT4GROWTH is an executive coaching and training company that specialises in High Performance Coaching for commercial leaders and their teams. Liberating Greatness for people, FiiT4GROWTH is on a mission to change corporate cultures around the world.

Founded in September 2020 by experienced international growth strategist and award-winning business coach and entrepreneur John Roussot, UK-based FiiT4GROWTH empowered major global brands to grow with unique, purpose-driven “Liberating Greatness” High Performance Coaching programmes.

Partnered with The High Performance Institute, John’s science-backed coaching supported clients to engage their people, energise their teams and develop robust strategies. John believes in achieving high performance while maintaining wellbeing and positive relationships.

Built on four pillars of Personal Mastery, Professional Excellence, Commercial Excellence and Social Impact, FiiT4GROWTH makes a positive impact in the world, promoting Global Goal 3 – Good Health & Wellbeing.

John’s unique ethos accelerated F4G from seed to £1.2m turnover forecast in 2023.

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