Jax Davey: CEO, Nuevo


Nuevo is a creative agency driven by purpose and on a mission to remove 10x more carbon from the world’s atmosphere than we create.

Creativity is moving into a more sustainable space and Nuevo is able to guide, share knowledge and work with leading brands to deliver world class campaigns and realign what it means to be a true creative partner with purpose.

Led by CEO Jax Davey, Nuevo provides creative; in film, photography, strategy, design, UX and other innovative activations.Nuevo has worked with clients such as Canada Goose, Ordnance Survey, EY, Pall, Nordea and Extreme E.

Nuevo can prioritise the reduction of environmental impact upfront over offsetting at the end. Through conscious decision making and smart, ethical choices during planning and pre-production, we can dramatically reduce the environmental impact large, medium and small scale productions have, meaning we offset as little as possible at the end.

2023 Finalists