Emma Tapper & Scott Rudd: Co-founder: Miniml Refills (The Friendly Chemical Co)


Founded in 2019, Miniml refills is the manufacturer of closed loop, eco-friendly household, personal care and laundry products.

We have set out to change the way people consume these products around the home by creating a unique zero waste supply chain to help consumers live more consciously around their home.

Customers purchase our award-winning products either on our website or via our network of over 3500 refill stations across the UK.

Once they have finished their bottles, the empty packaging gets sent back to our factory to be cleaned and put back into the supply chain to be re-used again and again.

The Miniml range is manufactured at our headquarters in Yorkshire and we use a one of a kind industrial washer to clean every container that is sent back to us to ensure there is ‘Miniml’ impact on the environment.

By the end of 2022 we will have stopped a total of 4.5 MILLION bottles worth of plastic going to landfill.

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