The Business Innovation of the Year Award

Reveal Media has been designing/delivering innovative body-worn cameras for 10+ years, building up our reputation, especially within the police, and have become the world leaders in the sector. In 2014, we saw a gap in the market for a new innovative body-worn camera that solved two customer problems (lack of battery capacity and being able to record accurately in low light).

After years of research/development, in 2017 we launched our innovative D-Series body-worn cameras with a host of innovative features:
•14-hour record time and pre-record feature.
•Low-light performance.
•Front-facing screen.
•Articulated camera head.
•Unbreakable security.
•One-touch record.
•Ruggedised casing.
•Remote activation by Bluetooth.
•Software – an innovative evidence management platform.
•Live streaming.

As a result of Reveal Media‘s innovation they’ve seen many benefits including increased turnover and reputation.

Our customers have also seen reductions in aggressive behaviour, in complaints against officers and an increase in early guilty pleas amongst other benefits.

2022 Finalists