Young entrepreneur of the year

You’ve always felt like you wanted to achieve something a little different compared to your classmates. Perhaps you’ve grown up only ever wanting to achieve what you’ve achieved. Either way, other people wish that you could bottle up your drive and commitment and sell that so that they can have your ingenuity and success.

If you’ve been opportunistic enough to see a gap for your brand and tenacious enough to get it moving to great results. If you’re under the age of 35 with a successful 3 years of accounts to back up your story then we want to celebrate your success.

Getting started in business is tough at any age, we want to hear where your concept came from, how you financed it, pitfalls you’ve hd to suffer getting started and where you see your business going moving forwards.

A keen head for figures and company values is crucial as well as a clear cut plan of how you wish to collaborate, work and scale your company moving forwards.

A keen honesty when talking about self-development and learning is expected.

Young Entrepreneur of the year Award Champion check list:

  • Gap filled in the market
  • Personal development and learning
  • Overcoming of challenges
  • Vision to sustain the success and expand the business moving forwards., tenacious enough to leap onto trends in a marketplace.

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