The Sustainable Business Award

Are you passionate about being planet-friendly? Have you reconsidered every angle of your internal and customer facing processes to become fully sustainable and lower your environmental impact? 

It takes a lot to become fully sustainable, changing internal and external systems has to factor in supply chains and their methods and values on sustainability too. It’s about creating an eco-system that’s future friendly. Entrants for The Sustainable Business Award will know this.

Ten years ago being sustainable meant adding a sentence to the bottom of an email asking the reader to re-think whether it needed to be printed.

Now the entirety of a business, from methods of work to the products and packaging methods all can be considered with a mind to taking care of the future of our planet.

Companies have to ensure that sustainability is embedded in their entire business culture. Every member of staff has to understand their own impact to see the total result of the company as a whole.

Championing this is no mean feat. However, we know that a vast number of companies are moving forwards not only in line with government plans for a sustainable future but to sleep at night knowing that their company isn’t costing the Earth.

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The Sustainable Business Award Champion check list:

  • Sustainable processes internally
  • Supply chain consciousness
  • Messaging to consumers to provide awareness to the cause
  • Embedded values

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