The Laytons ETL Global Scale Up & Market Disruptor of the year

Recognising businesses who have identified a market opportunity and built a strategy that has altered customer behaviours. The business will have brought change and disrupted the status-quo whilst maintaining consistent growth.

You will have recognised the scale of your market opportunity pre-launch or have consistent and profitable growth whilst be able to demonstrate that you have made a clear disruptive impact on industry/sector/marketplace in last 12 months. 

What makes a winner?

Open to any UK-based that can demonstrate a disruptive impact on industry/sector/marketplace. Judges will look for the business that can best demonstrate:

Whether it was a gap in the market, a redundancy or a dream of yours to achieve one day, firstly, congratulations that you’re in the business space and have done it. Secondly, we want to know how.

Tell us how you prepared your launch – was it planned or were you running to keep up. What’s gone well with your venture and what has challenged you? Have there been any surprises along the way that have, in hindsight, made you a better leader, business person and human?

Being in business is a journey. Share your goals and results with us, your vision for the future and the kind of impact you’d like to create along with the team you’d like to build.

The Laytons ETL Global Scale Up & Market Disruptor of the Year Award Champion check list

  • Consistent, profitable growth
  • Scale of market opportunity
  • Strategy behind the development of your product
  • The disruptive impact that you have made on your industry/sector/marketplace
  • Figures and how you’re scaling them
  • What sets your business apart and plans for growth
  • Company values

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