The Business Enabler of the Year

Has your company given your customers or clients a competitive advantage which has delivered more customers, clients or revenue for them?

This award celebrates businesses who help their customers or clients to increase sales and profitability through a competitive advantage, recognising the impact of ‘enablers’ that offer value beyond products, infrastructure and services.

For a business to be constantly innovating to support its clients, as their unsung heroes in many cases, it doesn’t just need to be ahead of the curve, it needs to set the curve.

To achieve this aim the CEO needs to lead and inspire the entire team to be constantly analysing their work and data perceptions coupled with market trends, potential new verticals and competitors as well as innovation from their current and potential new suppliers.

Managers need to bear in mind that rewards need to be made and team positivity needs to be managed to keep them pushing forwards.

Growing a business and finding commercial success demands innovation into new verticals, as well as aligning your company culture, growth of your team and your ability to lead and inspire.

We’ll be diving deeply into your five-year plan, to see how you work ongoing with you clients to achieve their business aims.

Yours will be a story that will make the judges nod their heads as they listen to the reasoning behind your decision-making process. Judges will look for evidence of how the organisation’s product, service or infrastructure has enabled clients and customers to:

  • Increase your customers’/clients’ operational efficiency

  • Empower your customers’/clients’ employees to be more effective with a measurable impact on employee & customer satisfaction

  • Generate increased revenue and profitability for your customers/clients

  • Help your customers’/clients’ assess challenges and innovate to help the business

  • Improve the effectiveness of your customers’/clients’ leadership or management
  • Embed ethical or sustainable practices within your customers’/clients’ businesses

  • Demonstrate clear leadership and communication towards the enabling cause

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