The Score App SME of the year

If your small or medium sized business has been running for a while, offering a high level of product or service, and it’s managed to overcome the challenges and ride high on the successes that have breathed new life into it, then your business could be deserving of this award.

The SME of the year award is one of the most prestigious small business awards in the UK.

There are six million SMEs trading across the UK today. And that number is on the rise. Competition is fierce and business life can be tough.

Adapting to change is key, the ability to stay current in the eyes of your consumers and clients is crucial to seeing growth and loyalty with your business.

Over the years there will have been successes, failures and a whole lot of learning in between. We want to hear about pivotal moments that have shaped the landscape of your business today. It’s time to look back and see how far you’ve come and celebrate how hard your team have worked.

Find out what our business awards judges are looking for in 2023.

The SME of the Year Award 2023 Champion checklist:

  • Company values
  • Past and projected finances
  • Leadership qualities
  • Company culture and community

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