The Outstanding Achievement Award

The Outstanding Achievement Award is one of the most prestigious awards of the Business Champion Awards and recognises an outstanding business leader who has demonstrated repeated success in their field.

The winner of this award, will follow on from last years winner Michelle Ovens CBE founder of Small Business Britain.

They will have consistently delivered exceptional results through their leadership, vision, and strategic direction, setting a benchmark for excellence within their industry.

The award celebrates leaders who have gone above and beyond in their achievements, and who have made a significant contribution to their organisation and the wider business community over a number of years.

The Outstanding Achievement Award recognises individuals who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and leadership in all aspects of their business.

The selection process for this award is rigorous and impartial, with a long list of potential candidates compiled throughout the year.

Our expert panel of judges evaluates each candidate based on the following criteria:

  • Leadership: The winner of this award must have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, with the ability to inspire and motivate their team to achieve great things. They will have developed a clear and compelling vision for their business, and have shown the ability to communicate this vision effectively to all stakeholders.

  • Strategy: The winner will have developed and implemented a successful business strategy that has delivered outstanding results over a sustained period of time. They will have shown the ability to adapt to changing market conditions, and to identify and capitalize on new opportunities as they arise.

  • Innovation: The winner will have demonstrated a commitment to innovation, whether through the development of new products or services, the adoption of new technologies, or the implementation of new processes or systems. They will have shown the ability to stay ahead of the curve and to anticipate and respond to changing customer needs and market trends.

  • Impact: The winner will have made a significant impact on their industry, their community, and the wider business world. They will have created jobs, generated economic growth, and contributed to the social and environmental well-being of the communities they serve.

  • Integrity: The winner will have demonstrated the highest standards of ethical behavior and integrity in all their business dealings. They will have built a reputation for honesty, transparency, and fairness, and will be respected by their peers and colleagues for their unwavering commitment to doing the right thing.

The Outstanding Achievement Award is a reflection of the highest standards of business leadership, and is a fitting tribute to those who have demonstrated exceptional vision, commitment, and success.

The winner of this award will be a role model for the business community, and an inspiration to all those who aspire to achieve greatness in their own careers.