The Startup Giants New business of the year

If your business has burst onto the scene within the last three years to receive great success and respect from your clients or consumers to the point where you’ve scaled it to become even more than you initially hoped then this is the award for you.

Whether it was a gap in the market, a redundancy or a dream of yours to achieve one day, firstly, congratulations that you’re in the business space and have done it. Secondly, we want to know how.

Tell us how you prepared your launch – was it planned or were you running to keep up. What’s gone well with your venture and what has challenged you? Have there been any surprises along the way that have, in hindsight, made you a better leader, business person and human?

Being in business is a journey. Share your goals and results with us, your vision for the future and the kind of impact you’d like to create along with the team you’d like to build.

The Startup Giants New business of the Year Award Champion check list

  • Why your business is crucial and relevant right now
  • Your personal development and leadership training
  • Figures and how you’re scaling them
  • What sets your business apart and plans for growth
  • Company values

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