The Forbes Family Group Growth Business of the Year

If you’re obsessed with numbers, spreadsheets and bottom lines and you’ve seen a tangible rise in these coinciding with an expansion to your product offering or service then this award is for you.

However the figures aren’t the only aspect the judges of The Growth Business of the Year Award will be looking for. Growth can be interpreted in many different ways; growth of your product or service offering to meet demand or innovation into new verticals, growth of your team and how you’ve maintained your company culture, growth of you personally with your ability to lead and inspire.

We’ll be diving deeply into your five year plan, vision and goals and seeing how you’ve made those come into fruition. Yours will be a story that will make the judges nod their heads as they listen to the reasoning behind your decision making process.

The Forbes Family Group Growth Business of the Year Award Champion check list:

  • Vision set years ago
  • A clear capture of your process and dealing with set-backs
  • Growth across many aspects
  • Your ability to lead and inspire

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