Entrepreneur of the year

Whether you’re putting yourself forward or nominating someone who you feel deserves this title, seeking, recognising opportunities and deliberating risks and maximising potential for growth, training and leadership all come into consideration for this award.

Facts and figures play a large part of the entrepreneur’s success story but the overall character of the contender is crucial too.

Dig deep with your application and let us know what drives you to keep striving forwards. What are you passionately trying to change in the world with your business and outlook.

Your values become your companies mantra and we want to know what that comes from. Your work is the proof of the pudding, we’re interested in you and your successes and failures and how each have shaped you to become the entrepreneur you are today.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award Champion check list:

  • Passion and drive
  • Tenacity in the face of adversity
  • Organisation and ability to scale
  • Leadership qualities and compassion

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