Videosign is a digital disruptor – a young company with a diverse team of founders, directors, and employees.

We think of Videosign as ‘The Ultimate Business Tool’ – a unique, secure, virtual, web-based video conference meeting room, with no downloads or software installation required.

Accessible for all, regardless of technical capability, hosting rich security features, Videosign is suitable for personal or professional life.

It provides fully automated, remote biometric-based, detailed identity checks, legally-binding and tamper proof signatures when signing documents in real time, and automatic recording of robust video evidence showing advice and compliance.

We target office and knowledge workers, and professional services, although our solution is applicable across all industries.

Our existing global customers include financial advice, legal services, real estate, insurance, healthcare, education, conveyancing, notary services and construction.

All users can remotely and compliantly identify, verify, meet, sign, record, virtually witness and audit any business transactions on any device.

2023 Finalists