Simply Doughnuts


Simply Doughnuts is a British manufacturer of fresh doughnuts with an exceptionally long shelf-life. Its R&D work in extending shelf-lives won it a Queens’ Award for Enterprise in 2020 (Innovation category.)

Its products last 34 days rather than the 2 days typically achieved by conventional fresh doughnuts, so they massively reduce the risk of food going to waste due to expiry. These shelf-lives are achieved at ambient temperatures, so they obviate the need for refrigeration/freezing and all the energy and staff time associated with that.

These commercial and environmental benefits are recognised and valued by clients including well-known supermarkets, convenience-store brands and other multiples. The products are sold UK-wide and are also being sold through hypermarkets in Gulf States. This year, international agents are starting to introduce them to additional export markets: in Europe, Australia and the United States.

Simply Doughnuts has an AA+ quality rating from BRCGS.

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