Bramble Energy


Bramble Energy is an innovator of renewable energy technologies.

Founded in 2016 at University College London and Imperial College London, we design and manufacture high-performance, low-cost fuel cell stacks using well-established, sustainable and scalable printed circuit board (PCB) materials and processes.

Due to the wide application potential of our fuel cell solutions, we already operate across several markets through collaborations with stakeholders and partners.

Bramble Energy can provide a sustainable alternative to diesel generators anywhere where a long-term, off-grid source of stationary power is needed.

As an enabler of hydrogen to be utilised as a sustainable alternative fuel, the transformative potential for Bramble Energy’s fuel cell stacks is already being realised across many sectors, including automotive, marine, security and outdoor lighting.

There are very few limitations to our marketplace. Any industry which is serious about decarbonising their power sources is a market that Bramble Energy can penetrate.

2023 Finalists