Bloom Procurement


Launched in 2012, Bloom is revolutionising the procurement process, delivering savings to the taxpayer, opportunities for SMEs and social value.

Bloom’s transformational procurement framework delivers average savings of 14% to the public sector, has supported over 4400 SMEs and since September 2019, has created over £109 million of social value.

The Bloom framework is fair, transparent and efficient at a time when the pandemic has shone a light on government procurement processes that were anything but.

In April 2021, Bloom secured a £14 million investment from growth capital investor BGF, a move crowned ‘Deal of the Month’ by Insider noting that Bloom has proven itself an extraordinary case study for entrepreneurship and growth in the North East of England.

Bloom is striving to use that investment to build itself into a household name and global brand, with transparency, entrepreneurship and social value at its heart.

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