Biome Algae


Biome Algae is an ambitious start-up operating sustainable seaweed farms in the UK and has quickly become an industry leader. We produce and process high-quality seaweed products including dried seaweed, bio-fertilisers and high-value extracts.

Biome targets businesses within different market sectors that are circular-economy focused – utilising the raw seaweed materials efficiently and reducing waste through product recycling and re-use.

Example sectors include food security, plastic alternatives, and those with reduced or avoided carbon emissions. Biome works closely with customers, developing their seaweed-derived products that are designed to help resolve important societal and environmental issues.

This approach magnifies Biome’s own sustainability impact as key producer and processor within those value chains.

Led by CEO Dr Angela Mead, Biome focuses on business-for-change and creating a sustainable green future from blue growth. We farm seaweed in clean South-West waters, measuring the benefits and impacts of farming on the marine environment and local communities.

2023 Finalists