Anglesey Sea & Zoo


Anglesey Sea Zoo is a uniquely all native aquarium in North Wales on the island of Anglesey, on the shore of the Menai Strait in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the Wales coastal path with stunning view over Snowdonia National Park.

Since it was bought by the owner Frankie Hobro 16 years ago, it has been transformed into a conservation centre and an example of excellence in sustainability, housing only British species, with water pumped directly from the sea, carrying out breeding programmes for some of the rarest animals in our British seas including seahorses and spiny lobsters, and leading by example on sustainability and conservation issues by engaging the public and the community and the wider audience in action for positive environmental change.

The Sea Zoo also runs voluntary environmental hub for community beach cleans and a voluntary marine animal rescue group to rescue and rehabilitate injured or stranded marine animals including seals, dolphins, turtles and seabirds.

2023 Finalists