Evelyn Partners Webinar

Evelyn Partners

The business case for prioritising employee financial wellbeing

A panel event hosted by Evelyn Partners focussing on the importance of financial wellbeing

The number one cause of stress is money and this is impacting people’s happiness and focus in the workplace.

So what are businesses doing to tackle this?

Join us to hear why many founders are prioritising employee financial wellbeing and are now reaping the rewards.

6th September at 12 noon

  • Attending this webinar will provide the opportunity to hear:
  • Why you should care about your employees financial wellbeing
  • Exploring the link between financial wellbeing and mental wellbeing
  • How can poor financial wellbeing impact performance, culture and costs?
  • The business case for supporting employee financial wellbeing
  • Key considerations when choosing a financial wellbeing solution
  • Moneyhealth case study
  • Top financial wellbeing tips for founders and employees