The Department for International Trade Exporter of the year

There’s a vast amount of logistics involved in any business, however, mention exporting as part of your business plan and whether you’re exporting to one specific destination or multiple, the amount of logistics trebles, if not more.

Systems, protocols, red tape, hiring staff, everything is more of a challenge and that’s before anything even goes wrong. Dealing with the day-to-day ups and downs of business life from multiple sources requires a specific mindset and company structure.

If your business has thrived running teams in multiple countries, forged excellent relationships with suppliers and have managed to survive and even turn a profit even in the most challenging of times, this is the award for you.

We’re keen to hear about the processes and sharing of key information, team building and vision behind your business. How you support local suppliers both here and the countries you export to and how you’ve grown relationships of trust despite any pitfalls along the way.

The Department for International Trade Exporter of the Year Award Champion check list:

  • Systems and processes to run your business smoothly
  • An attitude that is solution focused and logistic savvy
  • Figures to show it’s all been worth it
  • Relationships that place a spotlight on British trade overseas

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