The Employee of the Year Award

Whether you’re nominating someone within your own company and team or you’re thinking of nominating someone as a surprise for an Employee of the Year Award, we’re looking for a staff member who took a deep breath, navigated the Government logistics and guidelines, stayed safe and ensured that they were a stand out leader or team player.

Some of these stories were covered by the media during lockdown 1.0 however the positive stories of triumph and community faded away into politics and other news.

Not on our watch!

Being in business means dealing with multiple challenges, sometimes on a daily basis. We all know that 2020 placed a massive strain on companies and individuals worldwide and we’re ready to celebrate the champions who went the extra mile to ensure that their company and local community were protected and lifestyles were maintained in some way during the corona virus pandemic. This could be completely outrageous or simply facilitating an every day act of kindness.

Warm our hearts and tell us. We’re going to share each and every one with the country.

Employee of the Year Award Champion check list:

  • Strength in the face of adversity
  • Compassion for team and local community
  • Action to help the cause
  • Change to ensure safety

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