The Trinnovo Group Diversity and Inclusion Award

Being aware enough of the ongoing issues in society is one thing, putting plans in place to ensure diversity and inclusivity in the work place is no mean feat. If you and your business have accomplished this, that needs to be celebrated.

A few years ago many companies simply thought that having a mantra that stated their policy on diversity was enough. Incidents and negativity in the workplace have proven that it certainly isn’t.

A company needs to live and breathe these elements in their practice to encompass a richly diverse and inclusive workplace.

A strong leading HR movement to put these values into action is needed as well as sourcing a team who all believe vehemently in the cause, in the hope that one day it won’t even be an issue or a cause, certainly not one needing an award. Until then, we’re championing the businesses that are proactive in their fight for equal rights, diversity and inclusivity. Those businesses that stand up to bullying in the work place and coach others to do the same. A happy workplace is a successful one. If this describes your business then we want you to apply.

The Trinnovo Group Diversity and Inclusion Award 2023 Champion check list:

  • Clarity in policy and values
  • Actionable steps within HR
  • A happy and diverse workforce
  • Measures to protect what’s in place

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