The Begbies Traynor Business Transformation Award

Have you just saved your business from floundering to seeing bottom lines rising over the past three years? Perhaps you’ve adopted a family business that needed to change with the times or bought a business that needed a serious overhaul.

It’s no secret that to start in business is filling a niche, to stay in business means adapting to change with a hard view for growth. Sometimes within this, a complete company rethink is needed.

We’re keen to hear your story, how you recognised the need for transformation, how you sought advice and researched concepts before implementing them, how the marketplace has responded and how you’ve guided your team to adapt to key changes and get on board with the process. What you have learnt from it and what you’re going to do next.

Redefining how your company does business can take into account anything from working with robots vs. humans to online systems for payroll, apps for mental health, a reboot of company culture, communications with clients and consumers, quality assurances, then there’s systems and processes.

The Begbies Traynor Business Transformation Award check list:

  • Company journey from loss to profit
  • Team turnaround
  • Survive to thrive strategy
  • Change management

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