3 reasons why the Business Champion Awards can recession-proof your business

Marketing is even more crucial in a recession. Here’s why:

If people are tightening their purse strings to save money, you need to market even harder to ensure that when they loosen them, they spend their money with you.

Fortunately, because of the digital nature of our award’s application process, you can enter for a relatively low cost and reap the rewards of your hard work and effort across the span of an entire year of networking and PR.

Winning an award or even becoming a finalist in the Business Champion Awards covers you for ongoing marketing across video and print. It puts you on the map with PR in your local area and, through our media sponsor Business Matters, secures you nationwide coverage in the UK’s largest news portal for SMEs. 

Essentially: you’ll be visible to the people you want to see you the most. We’ve been speaking to all of our 2022 finalists over the past few months and filming videos with them in their offices, warehouses and places of work. All finalists are involved in the next year’s awards if they want to be as we’ve invited them back as judges. 

We wanted our awards to be quite different from others, so by continuing to share their stories long after the event itself we hope to support and uplift all of our finalists in the years to come. Here’s three extra ways that entering the Business Champion Awards can uplift and benefit your business right now:

Network your way to winning more business and collaborations

Because the Business Champion Awards are nationwide, we’re creating an alumni of finalists and winners with the 2023 awards seeing the first of what we hope are many fireside chats. Our first fireside chat will be with none other than Lord Sebastian Coe, no stranger to being a champion himself, we know that his stories will inspire all of the finalists who will be invited in January to attend. Make sure you do your research on your fellow finalists across the entire event to see who you would like to network with on the evening. All you need is an introduction and you never know where the conversation will take your business next.

Boost morale and refocus your team’s goals

Having something positive to pin your hopes on is a powerful thing in times of crisis. Now we know that not every business will be struggling but for many, the issues of cash flow, access to materials, higher staffing costs and the tricky nature of being able to recruit skilled workers all adds up to severe amounts of stress. Turning ‘survive’ mode in to ‘thrive’ mode is vital in order to spot new opportunities for growth. Applying for The Business Champion Awards creates a chance to showcase the best parts of your business, to plot out your achievements and journey so far and cohesively sum up where you want to be in the future. Instead of becoming bogged down in the day-to-day, it’s a chance to appreciate each contributing team member and ensure that they feel heard, seen and valued. It’s a time to take any feedback from them and refocus your goals moving forwards. Not to mention the finale evening is nothing short of a spectacular night out.

Make your business’ story one of triumph

Business is all about challenges and changes, it’s just the way it is. The past few years have seen us battle Brexit, covid and who knows what else is around the next corner. However, look at the businesses that are thriving – they’ve made a conscious choice to. They’ve looked at what’s going on in the world, adjusted their offering accordingly and been confidently tenacious in going out there and getting what they want. It’s that kind of attitude that will give them the best possibility of surviving and thriving, leading the way forwards for others to be inspired by their example. These are the kind of businesses, large and small that we want to see applying for the Business Champion Awards. We want to celebrate and reward champions of UK businesses nationwide. Is that you and your team? Apply now and give your business the boost it deserves.